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Sacred Geometry Driftwood Bench Table

Sacred Geometry Driftwood Bench Table

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Recently washed up on the Gullane beach in Scotland after a massive storm, this striking driftwood slab has been upcycled and skillfully handcrafted into a beautiful naturally textured table with a striking mandala pattern etched into to the upper, back and front surfaces.

The richness of the textured wood grain and the elegance of the hand-carved pattern combine to produce a wonderfully simplistic neo-primitive design. 

With its eco-aesthetics, this iconic piece would suit a contemporary rustic a bedroom, living room, hallway or garden. Perfect for someone who appreciates the inherent beauty of natural wood.

As background to the mandala pattern, it has been created using the golden ratio (which has a pervasive presence in nature, art, and mathematics).

This piece was a joy to make: As part of my design process, I was inspired by Japanese Wabi-Sabi (the appreciation of natural imperfections), Kintsugi (the process of repairing broken things) and Shousugiban (preserving wood by charring with fire). The end result is a unique piece of contemporary rustic furniture with a great backstory.

Usable as a bench or an iconic side or coffee table.

Finished with linseed oil and bee's wax.

UK delivery only...although we can make a plan for further afield.

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